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About our company

The Mišić winery has its beginnings as early as 1923.

The small village winery differed from others in the village in terms of quality and quantity. Great-grandfather then produced only 2-3000 liters, more for his own needs than for placement on the small market in the area.

The cellar from 1923 still exists but is no longer in use. At that time, the production was based on domestic autochthonous varieties: Smederevka Vranac, Prokupac Plovdina, Tamjanika and others.

Mišići renewed, modernized and improved the family tradition in the production of grapes and wine, which is several generations old.

Wine has always told stories, and the desire to produce top-quality wine, naturally, as nature gave it - without unnecessary additives, is woven into our wines and the creation of the Mišić Winery.

This is sometimes difficult because not all years are the same, which is why each production year is recognized by its specificities.

The struggle for quality begins, of course, from the planting of the vineyard, cultivation, selection of varieties, to the cellar and technology. These are the primary commitments and tasks of our team and technologists.

Our vineyards are located on the gentle slopes of the village of Vrbovac, near the famous "Vrbovac hair" at an altitude of 200 m.

Our small winery owns only a few hectares of vineyards in which varieties for the production of white and red wines are represented: chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, malvasia, sauvignon blanc and Italian Riesling. To a lesser extent, as an experimental variety, Sandjoveze Nebiolo and Prokupac as varieties for microclimate testing for the future.